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"The Secret of the Cave" is the first ever theatrical version of the Shinbi Apartment series. As well the film aired on Tooniverse. And the film streaming on Netflix in December 1, 2021 in South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia.


Ha-ri , Doo-ri and a 102-year-old goblin, Shinbi, living in a mysterious apartment over 100 years old and accidentally discover a secret cave hidden in the forest.

Hari, Doori, and Shinbi, who were swept away by the power of the cave, went to 1996, 22 years ago, and meet the mother of the children, Jimi Koo, in a village where an apartment disappeared.

Ha-ri, Doori, and Shinbi, who go along with the treasure map of Jimi, meet the golden goblin, Geumbi, and start a creepy adventure together...!

This summer, the first screen debut on the popular animation, Shinbi Apartment!

Thrilling fun and thrilling emotions unfold in the theater!


One night, a ghost attacks Hari and Doori in their room. Doori gets very scared while Hari faces the ghost bravely. The ghost then teleports the two to the first floor of Shinbi Apartment. Hari and Doori are confused, and the ghost attacks them. Then, Shinbi comes and protects them with his shield. But while life is going peacefully for them, there's danger elsewhere.

The next morning, when their mother, Jimi comes to wake up the children, they're still in a deep sleep. Jimi gets the two up and brings them for breakfast. At breakfast, she scolds both of them because they don't sleep at night.

Hari's boredom reaches the peak while studying so she goes and asks her mother if she can go play with Gaeun but she says not to break up her promise of studying all day causing a fight between them. Rico tries his best to avoid the fight, but he was of no help. After the argument, Hari rushes downstairs and meet Gaeun. While Doori and Shinbi are playing with each other, Hari feels sorry for the argument she had with her mother so, Gaeun cheers her up. Hyunwoo rushes towards them telling that he found a treasure map. At that time, to cheer Jimi up, Rico takes out a box of old childhood memories of Jimi soothes her feelings. Hyunwoo pleads every one to go look for the treasure but Doori and Shinbi do not believe his words, but rather, prefer playing earthworm.

Hari, who was troubled by the fight, vows to apologize and returns home. But, her parents had already gone outside using a Chinese restaurant coupon. Hari and Doori found their mother's memory box and looks at the stuff that was contained in there. Hari notices a treasure map and that it is the same as the treasure map Hyunwoo showed them. Hyunwoo say that it can't be a coincidence and they set out to look for the treasure. Once, they climbed the mountain, they find a suspicious cave located on the map as well. They entered the cave and they saw small straw dolls.

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  • The movie is enitled "Golden Goblin and Secret Cave" officially in English.
  • Geumbi is added to the main cast of the Shinbi Apartment series from this movie onwards.


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